New California

New California

$17.99eBook: $2.99
Genre: Science Fiction
Tag: novels
  • Ashwin George, supported by the colony's elite and Tián Quán, the Chinese company whose hyperdrive ships and intelligent robots dominated half the settled galaxy.
  • Desmond Park, nanotechnology engineer, armed with a shrewd intellect, the loyalty of the colony's smart and disaffected youth, and the most formidable weapon of all.

A single idea.

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The Progress of Mankind

The Progress of Mankind

$14.99eBook: $0.99

To maintain order in the 22nd, the UN relocates undesirables through artificial wormholes onto colony planets. Everyone benefits... except the planets' original colonists.

Now, the newly rediscovered colony of New Moravia learns the UN's plan and fights back.

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