The ALECS Quartet

He had a month to learn the planet's secrets—and Juliette's

His cover story: return to Elard to dismantle his sect's missionary work to the planet's natives.

His true mission: investigate decades-old mysteries of love and death.

His objective: return to Earth with his discovery - if he can.

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About the Book

Decades ago, a quartet of advocates—Darren, Purcell, Nesbitt, and Juliette—came to Elard to share their messages of spiritual and social uplift with the planet’s primitive, fractious natives. Under the scorching rays of Elard’s fiery sun, their friendship dissolved into illicit affairs and an unexplained disappearance.

Darren returns to Elard for one final mission. In only thirty days, he must solve mysteries buried in the planet’s vast desert—and hidden in a woman’s heart.

Enter a compelling, alien world of power and corruption, wonder and terror, love and death.

Genre: Science Fiction
Tag: short novels
Publisher: CV-2 Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: short novel
ISBN: 9780615989013
List Price: $12.99
eBook Price: $3.99
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