Stone Chalmers’ Wormhole-Spanning Spy Adventures Come to a Triumphant Conclusion on November 1, 2018


Stone Chalmers #4



Earth barely survived the 21st Century.

Now, in the 22nd, after unifying Earth, the UN controls all human colonies scattered through the galaxy by means of wormholes, warpdrive ships, and ruthless operatives. Operatives working to strengthen the UN.

Or destroy it.

Operative: Stone Chalmers
Codename: Hybrid
Cover Story: Improvised
Mission: Feed false intelligence to aide of Secretary-General

Back in New York after his mission to Minerva, Stone must make contact with a UN insider playing a double game. If he succeeds, he will bring to fruition a plan months in the making across thousands of light-years.

A plan that will transform Earth and the settled galaxy forever.


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Audio edition narrated by Tim Brunson coming Winter 2019.

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