Our First Publications for 2019

CV-2 Books is proud to announce our first publications for 2019. Watch this space for more updates throughout the year.

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STAGE SEPARATIONS: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2013-2018, by Raymund Eich

Take ten journeys to new worlds of imagination

In these pages, you can… …race against time to solve mysteries hidden in a planet’s vast desert—and in a woman’s heart …learn the true story of a president’s assassination …journey 14,000 miles to a high-tech fountain of youth …win or go “home”—to an Earth you’ve never seen and explore six other worlds created by a distinctive voice in twenty-first century science fiction.
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Coming April 25, 2019

A MIGHTY FORTRESS, by Raymund Eich

They would transform a barren rocky world into a refuge for faith and life. Or die trying.

When Melanchthon arrived at the dim red star after a forty-year journey, Theodore awoke from suspended animation eager to implement the Lutheran Interstellar Terraforming Society’s plan to transform a barren rocky world into New Augsburg, a refuge for faith and life.

A challenging plan, made more challenging by other members of his own expedition.

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