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Lyin’ EIAS, by Raymund Eich

In a world of pervasive sensors and smart contracts, she can’t hide them.

Ashley left her small town to land a rich man in the big city. She found one: Eric Jeffries, CEO of Enforced Interpersonal Agreements Systems—EIAS.

Smart contracts, biometrics, blockchains? Ashley didn’t understand how Eric earned his wealth, but she could still spend $25,000 a month now and take $10 million in a divorce settlement in a decade.

A long decade, bound to an older man who didn’t love her.

Her heart longed for another lover. She knew how to find one. And if she had an affair, how could Eric find out?

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STAGE SEPARATIONS: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2013-2018, by Raymund Eich

Take ten journeys to new worlds of imagination

In these pages, you can… …race against time to solve mysteries hidden in a planet’s vast desert—and in a woman’s heart …learn the true story of a president’s assassination …journey 14,000 miles to a high-tech fountain of youth …win or go “home”—to an Earth you’ve never seen and explore six other worlds created by a distinctive voice in twenty-first century science fiction.
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A MIGHTY FORTRESS, by Raymund Eich

They would transform a barren rocky world into a refuge for faith and life. Or die trying.

When Melanchthon arrived at the dim red star after a forty-year journey, Theodore awoke from suspended animation eager to implement the Lutheran Interstellar Terraforming Society’s plan to transform a barren rocky world into New Augsburg, a refuge for faith and life.

A challenging plan, made more challenging by other members of his own expedition.


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