More Spy Adventure from Raymund Eich

Join Stone Chalmers on his next adventure. Available May 3, 2018


Stone Chalmers #2


Earth barely survived the 21st Century.

Thousands fled the chaos on rogue warpdrive ships to settle colony planets. When Earth reunified in the 22nd, its fleets rediscovered the colonies and hunted down the warpdrive ships.

Every warpdrive ship but one.

Operative: Stone Chalmers
Codename: Hybrid
Cover Story: Hypnotically implanted
Mission: Find and neutralize missing ship (Joint task force with ITB operative Caitlyn Fredriksen)

Undercover on Trinity, Stone and Caitlyn must earn the trust of religious fanatics who will stop at nothing to find the last warpdrive ship. A ship that, if sent on a suicide mission, could devastate Earth.

A ship someone must pilot.

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